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Coach Chronopolos named Educator of the Year


Congratulations to one of the most valued members of our coaching staff, Mr. Greg Chronopolos, for being named Educator of the Year!! He is a Special Education teacher at Patrick Henry High School in the San Diego Unified school district. Outside of the classroom Mr. C has also been instrumental in the development of the PHHS rugby program and obviously shaping lives beyond high school with his influence in our club.

From Listy Gillingham, Patrick Henry HS Principal, “It gives me great pride and joy to report that Greg C. has been name by the California League of High Schools the Educator of the Year for Region IX (which includes schools across the county).  To earn this honor, Greg had to create a 4-minute speech explaining where his passion for teaching developed.  He shared his views on coming to Henry and adopting the “Henry Way” when working with various students.  He said it with humor and love by sharing his experience with a mute student who later began to speak during her four years at Henry.  It was an inspirational story and it definitely hit home with the crowd.”

With this honor, Greg will be heading up to Sacramento for the CLHS conference.  He will get to represent PHHS in the Educator of the Year competition at the state level and we wish him well in that next adventure.

Great job Greg!