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Meet Our Inductees

With the Hall of Fame fast approaching (this Saturday, April 7th), we are pleased to highlight the careers that our 2018 Inductees have had with the Old Aztecs. Each of these fine individuals have contributed to the club, rugby, and the community in their own unique way. They embody the spirit of rugby, and spirit of our club. Please join us on Saturday as we formally honor them at our Hall of Fame event.

Dave Mason

Most of you know Dave for his formidable stature and voice. He’s been a feature of this club for many years, and hopefully many more to come. Dave started his rugby career at SDSU in 1982, playing through 1985. He took a little break until 1998 when he just couldn’t stay away from the wonderful sport, and joined the Old Aztecs. He’s been a member ever since. During this period, Dave has given a tremendous amount to rugby, and we appreciate all his wonderful contributions to both the club, and the game of rugby. Here are some of the highlights:

o   2000-2002 Assistant Coach Old Aztecs (Jimmy Parker Head Coach)

o   2000-2010 OASIS Emcee

o   2002-2005 Old Aztecs Board Member at large

o   2005-2005 Old Aztecs Old Boy of the year

o   2006- 2007 Founding Member Young Aztecs

o   2006- 2009 Head Coach Young Aztecs U10-14

o   2007- 2008 Old Aztecs President

o   2006-2016 SoCal referee

o   2009-2009 SoCal Griffins U12 Head Coach

o   2010-2012 Head Coach Serra High

o   2014-2016 Assistant Coach Mira Mesa High School

o   2017-2018 Founder/President/Head Coach Mesa College Rugby

Tom Lebejko

The ageless wonder. Many of you can probably still remember playing with or against Tom, as he was still on the field until 2016, when an injury finally put an end to his colorful and eventful career. Always willing to help, always there to help you finish a pitcher, and always there to support the team. Tom embodies the Old Aztec spirit through and through. Some of Tom’s contributions include:

o   Player since 1988

o   Old Aztec Vice President

o   Match secretary and team manager

o   Helped organize the first OASIS tournament

o   Loyal fan and player

Steve Marshall

Steve has been an Aztec and Old Aztec since 1984. He played for SDSU from 1984 – 1988 and was part of the 1987 National Championship team. Since then Steve continued to contribute as player, coach, and administrator for SDSU, the Old Aztecs, and youth rugby. He is currently the president of the Young Aztecs. Thank you for your service to the game of rugby, you are what makes us great. Some additional contributions to the Old Aztecs and rugby:

o   Coached stated from 1988-1990

o   Started playing with the OA’s in 1991 and captain of the team

o   Played actively with the OA’s until 2002

o   Started coaching the Young Aztecs in 2007/2008.

o   Currently Young Aztecs President.

Bruce Worman

Bruce unfortunately passed away in 2016 and is posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame. Bruce gave a lot to rugby during his time with us. He was players since the late 90’s, president of the club in the 2000’s, a committed player, and avid supporter after retiring as a player. A tough bastard on the field, but a gentlemen, friend, and generally great guy off it. Always the first person to welcome a new guy to the club, always there to lend a hand and do the dirty work, and never one to complain. Bruce embodied the spirit of rugby, and what makes this a great club. RIP brother.


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