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What is rugby?

Rugby is a contact sport that emerged from soccer in the 1830’s and in turn fathered American Football. It is unique in it’s variety of skills and players needed to form a team, all of whom have distinct roles as well as collective responsibilities in the course of play.

Why play rugby?

Rugby offers a unique environment both on and off the field. While the sport itself is loved by all those who know it, the first reason many will tell you to play is the camaraderie between teammate and opponent alike. Respect, work-ethic, and courage are values shared throughout the rugby community. If you are looking for a challenge and a dynamic team to be a part of, rugby is for you.

Is rugby dangerous?

Rugby is a contact sport and carries with it the inherent risks related. However, due to the structure of play, form used in contact, and a leading focus on safety by governing bodies, there are less injuries sustained during rugby than in any other contact sports and even some non-contact sports.

Do you take players who are new to rugby?

Yes! Many of our players started playing rugby with us. While we compete at a high level, we also are committed to developing new players and have plenty of playing time accordingly. All you need is a willingness to work hard and learn!

What equipment do I need to bring if I am new?

A mouthguard and soccer-style boots(cleats) are the only items required. We recommend you wear sturdy clothes and bring plenty of water as well.

How much are dues for the season?

Dues are $300 for returning players, $250 for new players, and $200 for players under 21. Dues cover the costs of practice facilities, game fields, club functions/after-match socials, coaching, referees, and etc.

Do I need to pay dues immediately to play?

No. We have a dues payment plan for players who are unable to pay the balance up front. However, registration with USA Rugby is required to participate in games and contact training for liability purposes.

What is CIPP and why is it important?

CIPP stands for Club Individual Participation Program which is the liability insurance included with USA Rugby membership. Because CIPP covers players injured during any official club rugby events it is highly recommended that all players register with USA Rugby before practicing and required before conducting contact drills or playing in a game.

Do you play 7s?

The Old Aztecs have fielded a 7s side in the past but do not currently. Instead, we participate in the San Diego Tunas program which provides an oppurtunity for players from clubs throughout San Diego to compete in the 7s season and represent our city rather than an individual club.

What competitions do you compete in?

We compete in the D1 and D2 USA Rugby mens competitions. In addition, this year we will be competing in the newly formed elite California Cup Competition and will field a traveling U23 side.

What development opportunities do you have?

As an established club, we have many opportunities for those looking to grow within the rugby community. Playing at the highest available levels, Cal Cup and D1, players have the oppurtunity to both grow and be recognized for their performance. As a large club with connections throughout the rugby community, there are also opportunities to grow as a coach or referee as wells as club officer positions.

When is your season?

Pre-season training begins in October with regular USA Rugby competitions starting in January. National championships are played in the beginning of June which marks the end of 15s rugby season. This year sees us playing in the California Cup as well which begins in December and ends mid January.

Where do you play?

When and where do you train and practice?