Team Awards & Hall of Fame

Every year the Old Aztecs vote on a series of awards for outstanding performance on and off the pitch. Below are our past winners.
D1 Forward of the Year:                     Ron Dunnum 
D1 Back of the Year:                          Kadin Te Nana
D3 Forward of the Year:                     Joe 'Jonas' Ramonas 
D3 Back of the Year:                          Alberto Alcazar
Rookie of the Year:                            Celester Asuega
Iron Man:                                          Craig Simes
Supporter of the Year:                       Rick Zamora

Forward of the Year:                          Chase Burge 
Back of the Year:                               Gerry Filman
Rookie of the Year:                            Nick Robinson
Iron Man:                                          Jaco Breytenbach
Supporter of the Year:                       Dave Salzer
Special Recognition:                          Greg Chronos
Forward of the Year:                          John Leon Guerrero
Back of the Year                              Des Wellington
Rookie of the Year                           Aaron Montoya
Iron Man                                         Micah Kropp
Supporter of the Year:                       Dave Salzer
Golden Boot Award (Top Try Scorer): Des Wellington 

Forward of the Year:                          Lucas Edwards
Back of the Year:                               Jaco Breytenbach
Rookie of the Year                           Ian Snook
Iron Man:                                          Drew Webb
Supporter of the Year:                       Dave Salzer
Golden Boot Award (Top Try Scorer): Nick Cavallaro

Forward of the Year:                          Francisco Da Cunha
Back of the Year                              Drew Webb
Rookie of the Year                           Bryan Barnard
Iron Man:                                          Mark Easbey
Supporter of the Year                      Jessica Edwards
Golden Boot Award (Top Try Scorer): Sean Lindersmith

The Old Aztecs would like to express our gratitude and utmost respect for our distinguished Hall of Fame members. 

2011 Inductees
Jimmy Parker
Dave Salzer
Rick Frey
Cart Schroeder