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2022 Women’s Rugby World Cup New Zealand

Hi All,

With the Women’s Rugby World Cup kicking off this Friday, we wanted to throw together a quick blog to make sure you have all the relevant information. The Rugby World Cup is being played in New Zealand. With the time zone differences it can be tough to figure out when games are on. Below you will find a quick synopsis of the event, a brief focus on our USA team, time of games and some options for where to watch. I hope it’s a useful read!

Team USA enters this tournament looking to improve on their 4th place showing in 2017. Now, some of you reading this (Erik Zentz, Martin, Jaco, Jarrod, Frenchy) may remember back in 1991 when the first Women's Rugby World Cup (RWC) was held, the USA actually won! For others, who were not born yet, or were just born on October 22 1991, (birthday is right around the corner - all presents are accepted) you may have to dig through the history books to find some old tape. Although I am not too sure tape even existed back then…who knows, honestly.

Back to the present, USA is ranked 6th in the world and looking to have a strong showing at the games this year. Let’s have a look at their Pool B opponents. Up first is Italy. This should be an easy win since the pizza is not great at all in NZ, which will leave the Italian front 5 feeling woozy, impacting the set piece and ultimately creating space and opportunities for the Eagles as the game develops..

After that, it’s Japan. Another tough match-up, and as with any tournament, so much will hinge upon how the first game went for both sides.

The final group game will see us go up against Nate Muir’s Canucks. My editor didn’t allow another food-based stereotype joke, and he’s probably right to take this one seriously. Canada are the highest ranked team in this group and on paper, present us with our hardest challenge up in the capital, Auckland.

Here is a list of the games, times to watch, and it seems like all will be available to stream on the Cock (Peacock).

USA Women’s Rugby World Cup Fixtures 2022

(All kick-off times are PST)

Pool B

Sat Oct 8, USA v Italy 4:45pm Northland Events Centre, Whangarei

Fri Oct 14, USA v Japan 11:30pm Northland Events Centre, Whangarei

Sat Oct 22, Canada v USA 7:15pm Waitakere Stadium, Auckland

This Saturday, October 8th, the Surfers will be hosting a watch party at Attitude Brewing in Barrio Logan: 1985 National Ave Ste 1115, San Diego, CA 92113

Surfer Alumni Playing in RWC:

  • Megan Foster

  • Kate Zachary

  • Evelyn Ashenbrucker

  • Hope Rogers

  • Jordan Matyas

  • Meya Bizer

Good luck to all!!!!

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