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A Scrum-dinger at Robb Field as OAs see off local rivals OMBAC

Saturday January 29, 2022

OMBAC 12-20 San Diego Old Aztecs (D2)

North County Gurhkas 29-15 San Diego Old Aztecs (D3)

A lively day of San Diego rugby at Robb Field hit its peak in the 1pm game, when the Old Aztecs defeated local rivals, OMBAC, 20-12. This was a strong performance coming off the back of a disappointing home defeat the week prior, to Santa Monica. Something different stirs within both the team and supporters for an OMBAC day, and this felt like a galvanizing moment and significant stepping stone for Jarrod Faul’s ambitious group. OMBAC were far from their best having had a disrupted start to their season, and will no doubt present a much bigger challenge for the re-match on March 26, but the OAs will now feel they are starting to move in the right direction. The boys finish ‘round 1’ with a 2-2 record.

The D3 boys started with a tricky fixture versus the North County Gurkhas. A close contest for the majority, the Gurkhas slinked away in the final stages to take a good away win, 29-15. The focus turns entirely to D3 these next two weeks, beginning with the visit of our old friends from Riverside. The Inlanders love to present a physical challenge, and we would greatly appreciate the same level of support as was seen last Saturday. A 1pm kick-off at Robb Field.

Thank you to the Asado Gaucho boys, led by one of our back rowers, Andres Villasuso, who got to work on the grill straight after the games and served up some quality meat for the four teams. We would highly recommend considering them for any event you may be planning:

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